The Shaklee Opportunity


Meet Generation Health

Meet Generation Health, aka Gen H, the healthiest generation in the world. A generation that...


This is Opportunity Calling

There’s a movement. A 60 years in the making movement. An opportunity to turn a passion into a...


2024 Star Club Incentive Trip

Qualify for the VIP Elite Program at the Bronze Tier or higher to earn a magical experience...


Shaklee Ambassador Opportunity at a Glance

Find out who we are, what the Shaklee Ambassador Opportunity is, our best-selling products, how...


VIP Elite 2023 Training

Shaklee Senior Vice President of Sales and Field Development, Cim Carver, walks you through our...


The Future of True Wellness

We see the future. A future where personalized nutrition helps every body thrive. Where millions...


True Wellness and the Shaklee Opportunity

True wellness is more than just a lifestyle; it is physical health, emotional health, financial...


65 Years | Part of Nature

65 years of recognizing the importance and responsibility of being part of Nature. Thank you, Dr....


65 Years | Milestone Moments

65 years of intention...backed by action. Thank you, Dr. Shaklee!


Why Shaklee?

What sets Shaklee apart? Hear first hand from these Shaklee Leaders sharing what makes Shaklee...


65 Years| Nature's Secrets

65 years of ensuring that what we do contributes to the health of our planet for future...